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Hello everyone

This is Miguel Rivas:

I want to explain about The Group Game at @GuildChatApp

We do not support scammers

1. it’s a game of groups , we are not supporting any tokens at this time

2.the only coin we Supports is TRON=TRX, For all other Tokens we are Neutral


I’ts a good game to have fun

The group with more retweets or likes wins

We will post 2 groups to compete with it’s names one for Retweet and the other for Like the bes will win

3.TRONSCHOOL Will Drop some different tokens but it does not mean TRONSCHOOL Support or endorse those tokens at all,as all this tokens are new

Our wish  for all tokens is to succeed but that it’s on the hands of each token’s Team

4.We will post a picture with the winner group name on twitter,  it will only have the @name on the picture nothing else

5. First Drop will always be TRON follow by different Tokens

Remember its a game to have fun and get some Drops  at your Group, as we were just random picking groups before

This game it’s also a good opportunity for your group to be known by our community, if your group name happens to have the same name as your token, if you have one good for you.

If you have ideas  suggestions or questions please send

Droping tokens or coins does not mean support or endorsement of that tokens we are Neutral

If TRONSCHOOL post something in a group and you ask a question and we don’t answer it means we are out of the room or busy

we will never be rude with you if we read and we have time we will answer you thanks

Congratulations To Edxcommunity for  WINNING